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Sabtu, 16 April 2011


today I so happy,,,
1st. finish already my video movie~

2nd. end of HBU114 exam~
and the most I love is

3rd. hang out with my bff!!!
location: around SIDEC...ngeee...
spend tyme about 2 hour....or more I think...
so sweet because we create a history....
wanna know???
let's check it out!
what is this???
hahaha...this is a fried ice-cream dear~
never eat this until our first tyme today!!!
by around 7 o'clock,,,we buy it for a trial,,,
however we all very love it...
there are few type of flavor which is yam, sweetcorn, chocolate and vanilla...
I think it suppose have a strawberry flavor too...
here I wanna share some pictures me and my friends....
meen,,,em dapnye!!!
najmi-hohoho.....dap gak kan???
true.... yummy.... delicious!
next is me!!!
so excited when chew it melt into our mouth!!!
arghhhhhh........ wanna eat more.......
again and again!!!
looks like a dorayaki (japanese cake)

mine!!! it's yam... and yummy~

meen is wondering how these ice-cream doesn't melting when they fried it??
of course they just fried when the customer order it...
before that they will keep it into a cooler box...
it is true..... a cozy foods.......
if you never try it.....
let's try and you will never regret okies??
hehehe....until meet next tyme
(I love to babbling)

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