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Rabu, 28 Ogos 2013

Assalamualaikum semua!

set my target ^_^ 
new lappy to further my studies.
so i've been involved in these two hot item~
if you interested u'll can pm me at FB ya!
here is the hot item!

 1) Multipurpose Rice Cooker - RM120 only include postage.
i need a serious buyer ya! Comes with this 3 color. Valid until 5 September 2013!

2) Knitted Watch RM 40 only include postage. Grab it while last! Many times restock! Also need a serious buyers!

PM me at my FB
tq uo'lls~

with love-Einz!

Selasa, 27 Ogos 2013



olla's have been a very long time I did not update my blog
eh apa pasal ko speakang ni Einz oit!
sila abaikan...
kepala menyol sebentar~
ok la...
Einz open back my messy blog ni...
even close still x done nk kemas...

stop babbling Einz
cut it!
sorry everyone~
so let's join this GREAT G.A by miss JAJA
here the banner
 knock the blog to read the rules ya!
Follow it or it will swallow u'll...kehkeh~

1)Polaroid Camera (will be glad if got it in pinky color like the sample picture one's) wuarghhhh!!!
2) T-shirt printing Long Sleeves (Running Man-Deabak!)
3)Purr, Katy Perry's Perfumes

 Let's join, who knows it might be ur luck too.